Goldshield’s surface antimicrobial agents are water-stable liquid sprays for application to surfaces including fabrics. Independent studies have shown Goldshield’s protective “invisible” shield … after only one application … will continue to perform for up to 30-90 days on surfaces; GS5 and GS75 are effective against bacteria that cause odor, staining and discoloration, and also re-mediates mold and mildew. GS5 and GS75 have as their “active ingredient” the world’s only organosilane, patented compound, that has been stabilized in water with a surface penetrating compound that results in better coverage and thus efficacy.

Water-based, ready-to-use, liquid spray, antimicrobial agent effective against microbes on virtually any surface and most textiles. One easy application delivers ongoing protection for up to 30 days. Alcohol-free. Commercial sizes available.